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The Global Network

The Old Alleynian network numbers in excess of 10,000, living in more than 90 countries throughout the world. Regular events take place in a number of countries and lists of overseas representatives can be found below. Whether you live in one of these countries or are just passing through, you will receive a warm welcome. 

If you live in a country that is not listed below and are interested in becoming a representative then please get in touch with the Old Alleynian Association Office: or +44 (0)20 8299 5335.

Country Representative




Russell Iles (85-90)
Sydney Jon Michel (76-81)
Melbourne Jonas Jaanimagi (83-90)
Western Australia Bob Simpson (63-70)


Toronto Paul Vaculik (56-64)
Vancouver Michael Atterton (53-58)


Shanghai Xiang (Charles) Tan (03-05)
Alex Willats (83-91)
Beijing We are appealing for a new OA Representative in Beijing. Please email us to find out more. 
Hong Kong Felix Lai (98-00)


Richard Oaten (52-60)
Southern Africa We are appealing for a new OA Representative in Southern Africa. Please email us to find out more. 


Richard Vero (61-69)

Indonesia (Jakarta)

Moshi Perera (81-88)

Iran (Tehran)

Reza Rahbari (79-83)

Japan (Tokyo)

Warren Stanislaus (95-06)

The Netherlands

Alan Hankinson (73-78)
Keesje 't Hooft (08-15)

New Zealand (Auckland)

Matthew Owen (89-96)


Anil Scott (86-91)

Spain (Madrid)

Peter York (59-66)

Switzerland (Geneva)

Nicholas Dyde (69-74)

Thailand (Bangkok)

Chai Chalitaporn (62-66)

United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Aston Benjamin-Taylor (90-00)


Dallas Robert Burrage (76-81)
Los Angeles Richard Evans (87-95)
New York Michael Lynfield (69-74)
San Francisco Lukasz Strozek (00-02)
Washington DC Amit Pandya (62-68)

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