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Special General Meeting Notice

Following the closure of the consultation period on 25th March, the Committee have taken note of all members’ comments to finalise a set of proposed changes to the Alleyn Club Rules. 

In accordance with Rule 18(b), the Secretary has received the required number of signatures requisitioning a SGM to propose the changes to the Alleyn Club Rules and hereby gives notice of a SGM for Tuesday 3rd May at which members will be invited to vote on the proposed Rule changes detailed in the resolutions set out below.


This is to give notice that there will be a Special General Meeting of the Alleyn Club to be held at 6pm in the Board Room of Dulwich College on Tuesday 3 May to consider the following changes to the Rules of the Alleyn Club as shown in the marked up copy of the proposed Rule changes.

1. That the position of Chair be created by amending Rule 4.

2. That the composition of the Committee be restructured by amending Rules 5, 6 & 7.

3. That Rule 10 be updated.

4. That all Honorary Members and Honorary Staff Members are given the right to vote by amending Rule 14.

5. That the method of counting a majority vote at General Meetings be clarified by amending Rule 18(c).

6. That the method by which Rules are altered be clarified by simplifying the wording of Rule 23.

7. That the name of the Club be changed by amending Rule 1.

8. That if the foregoing proposals, or any of them, are approved then the necessary consequential amendments be approved and that other Rules be amended for reasons of clarity as shown on the attached document – subject to amendment dependent upon the outcome of the previous proposals.

Please indicate your intention to be present at the SGM either in person or virtually by signing up below. Refreshments will be served.

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