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OA Endowment Fund

What is the OAEF

Originally established in 1932 the purpose of the fund is to provide interest free loans to Old Alleynians embarking on a post graduate course of study or other career focused qualification. The trustees usually consider a loan of up to £5,000 which assists with studying costs. Repayment of the loan is expected when the recipient has completed their chosen course of study and is in gainful employment. Once the loan is repaid, these funds can then be loaned out again to benefit another Old Alleynian.

The OAEF is a registered charity and is separate to the College and the Old Alleynian Association; however a strong bond exists between all three. The fund receives regular grants from the Old Alleyian Association and vital support from the College. The Master of the College attends trustee meetings and this year the Secretary of the fund, Nick Rundle, is also the Old Alleynian Association president.


Each recipient is allocated a trustee who keeps in regular contact with them while they are studying and as they begin work. Timing of the loan repayment is at the trustees discretion and takes into account each individual’s circumstances and financial position. This often means that repayment of loans may take several years and imposes a limit on the amount of support the fund can provide. Regular communication between recipient and trustee is critical to the smooth operation of the fund and with contact being maintained over many years, this will often lead to a more mentoring and supporting role for trustees as well.

Vital Support

In the current climate, with rising educational costs, and a greater need than ever for advanced qualifications, the need for the fund and the impact that this assistance can provide has never been greater. Any Old Alleynians wishing to apply for a loan are warmly invited to do so. Equally, any Old Alleynians who would like to contribute to the fund’s resources or who wish to become actively involved should contact the Chairman or the Secretary. Support can be provided via a gift or legacy or by becoming a trustee. Vacancies for trustees occur every couple of years and we are currently interested in locating a qualified accountant who can assist with auditing and submitting our annual return to the charities commission.

Application Process

The loan application process is informal and straightforward; and usually involves an interview to discuss the course to be followed, likely costs, and general fact finding. This will then be followed by a meeting of trustees where the application is considered. Once a decision is reached on whether to approve the application and the sum to be advanced, the applicant is informed, and funds made available. Applications to the fund are not means tested and each application is assessed on its own merit. To apply please email us on

Current recipients

Loans have been made available to a wide range of Old Alleynians continuing their studies in many different areas. Trustees have discretion to consider applications from a broad range of disciplines and may be able to help where other avenues of funding have proved fruitless. Current recipients include architects, pharmacists, philosophers, IT consultants, actors, directors, doctors and cinematographers. 

Syd Martin (83-90)
Hon Secretary
Nick Rundle (69-76)
Shamik Dhar (74-81)

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