The Friends of Dulwich College International Evening

What a wonderful evening. The Friends set up team and table hosts began setting up early, anticipating lots of guests, keen to taste their country cuisine. The Great Hall soon became a vibrant, visual delight. Colours merged together, flags and bunting adding to the colourful palate. Families started arriving promptly at 7pm, many laden with food containers, boxes and bags. Very soon the fragrance and aromas of numerous speciality foods filled the air. The excitement grew and soon and the sounds of laughter, conversation and fun added to the atmosphere.

So many countries were represented and still more arrived. People found an available place, some on shared tables, to spread out their culinary delights. Everyone merged into one big happy family, swapping stories and tasting each other’s food. The Foreign Language Department kept all the guests well stocked with beverages and appeared to be throwing themselves into the fun of the evening. The Russian Choir kindly performed. This is a much-loved part of the night for many. 

Once again, the enthusiasm and generosity of so many Dulwich College parents, resulted in a magnificent evening. New parents embraced the opportunity to meet other parents and it was a pleasure to see so many Dulwich Boys and their siblings getting involved. Many other people contributed to making the evening such a success; parents and staff, many behind the scenes making it all happen, so sincere thanks go to each and every one of those involved.   

Helen Humphreys
Chair, Friends of Dulwich College
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