Lights, Camera, Action! Middle School House Art 2018

Middle School Students stepped into the shoes of presenters such as Andrew Graham-Dixon, Alastair Sooke and Simon Schama for this term’s Middle School House Art competition. Culture Shot challenged boys to create a dynamic presentation on an artist or art movement in video format. First place was awarded to Jedidiah Burge-Thomas (Year 10) and Edward Brilliant (Year 10) representing Marlowe. The Marlowe boys discussed the political complexity of Ai Wei Wei in a complex and highly professional interview format. Adrian Lam’s (Year 11)second place film for Jonson carefully incorporated music and imagery to make comment on the developing movement of Satirical art. Howard was placed third thanks to Max Hamilton’s (Year 10)  highly informative piece on Fauvism. The Art Department would also like to offer highly commended positions to Hal Howe (Year 11) (Marlowe) for film direction and Gabriel Rahman (Year 11) and Company (Drake) for the incorporation of the most students in one project.

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