OA Stories - CJ Obi and The Urbanist Platform

OA Stories - CJ Obi and The Urbanist Platform

A match made in heaven? Trevor Llewelyn, Geography teacher, today interviews CJ Obi OA (1999 – 2006), founder of The Urbanist Platform, which aims to attract more people into a career in the built environment.

We don’t dwell too long on why CJ did not study A Level Geography with Mr Llewelyn whilst at Dulwich. We move swiftly on!

CJ's passion for promoting the built environment grew while studying both Urban Planning, Design & Management (BSc) and then  European Property Development (MSc) at University College London (UCL). 

He has always been interested in the connection between cities and people but became frustrated by how disregarded the planning sector was to many who are not in the industry.

In April 2019 CJ created The Urbanist Platform in order to both attract more people into careers in the built environment but also to start a real conversation about how cities look and behave now and into the future. 

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