Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Events in Minnesota in late May 2020 and the reaction to them across the world have focussed every institution on how it supports minorities and counters all forms of discrimination.

The Black Lives Matter movement has set a challenge to all institutions to tackle systemic and casual racism more vigorously and the alumni of a large number of independent schools have asked their former schools to consider whether they are doing enough to promote equality of opportunity for all their students and staff.

At Dulwich College we are committed to listening to our black pupils, parents and staff and to those of all ethnic minority communities and, on the basis of what we learn from them, to strengthening our anti-racist policies, procedures and programmes.

This work will be undertaken in support of a Code of Conduct, drawn up by our pupil leaders, which requires us all to be tolerant and respectful of each other.

Dr Joe Spence
The Master
Dulwich College

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