OA Chess Club

Founded on 1 September 1968, the Club is currently purely social and does not have any tournaments or play any team matches, because those members who are still active players all get their chess through other club and county teams. But there is nothing to stop a group of newcomers, perhaps from amongst recent leavers, to get together and organise a team or competition in some future year. Any OA interested in joining should initially contact the Secretary, preferably by email with a subject line “OAChC” or “OAChess”. Associate membership is also available to wives and other close friends. New younger members are always welcome to help retain our links with the College. There is no membership subscription as everything is handled by email and those taking part in events with any cost contribute appropriately at the time.

On Founder’s Day most years it has become normal for either Grandmaster Raymond Keene (OA) or Kent County first team member John (“Gus”) Sugden (OA) to give a simultaneous display against the boys and other friends, often including one or two OAs or boys’ parents. Members may also meet socially before and/or after the event.

Club members are also invited to the Secretary’s traditional 5-min tournament played in his house and (usually) also garden, usually on the August Bank Holiday, with local Guildford players and other friends of the Secretary.

The Club’s annual dinner takes place in mid-December on a date agreed by email by as many members as possible.

Please see the What's On section for details of forthcoming events

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Alleyn Club Secretary

Trevor Llewelyn

+44 (0)20 8299 5335

OA Chess Club Secretary

Mr H T Jones

67 Guildford Park Avenue