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Alleynian Sailing Society

If you are interested in sailing, lots of experience, a little or none you are more than welcome and would like to get involved contact Anthony Frankford (Hon.Sec.)

We try to go sailing one weekend in every month during the summer, join us during the Boys Sail Training Week or if you wish to try your hand at racing join us for the Arrow Trophy regatta.

If you or your family own a yacht and would like to get involved in ASS rallies, or are a current master (or a past master) or would just like to join us as a land based crew member please get in touch.

Boys Sail Training Week 2021

Arrow Trophy J80 Regatta

Four sailing boats on the water

The Alleynian Sailing Society (ASS) competed in the Arrow Trophy J80 Regatta at the Royal Thames Yacht Club on Saturday 24 April 2021. 

At the helm was OA Mark Richmond (95-00), with Matt Gorvett (06-13), William Holmes (12-19), Ben Taffs (09-16), Harry Tinker (02-11), Tommaso Quaglia (15-20) making up the rest of the crew.

After a hearty supply of bacon sandwiches supplied by the land crew the team had a full day of racing competing in seven races, with four of those wins.

Race 1 was against Stowe. After ASS was given an initial penalty they went on the attack, winning the start and pulling away throughout, resulting in a win.  Second race was against WSC who managed to cross us pin end, with a strong defence ASS achieved their second win. The first loss was against Wellington, ASS started well but ultimately lost. Race four vs Pangbourne was tight, a good race. ASS’s powered through to take the race as Pangbourne tried to complete their penalty on the finish line. Race five Vs Abingdon ASS got off to a good start and we continued to put them under pressure, this was a close loss for ASS. Race six was against pre-tournament favourites Uppingham, ASS’s controlled the race throughout and tried to offload the penalty on the finish line sadly to no avail, just lost the race. Final race of the day against Carthusian (Charterhouse), ASS’s dominated the start, taking Carthusian away from the line towards the dredger.  Pinned them out for a couple of minutes, ASS sailed off into the distance only to find the lead whittled away by a significant shift having rounded well ahead at the bottom mark. Ultimately Carthusian, in their eagerness on a dial-up, crashed into our stern and were awarded a second penalty  Race to ASS’s

This was a great start to the season with a crew who had not sailed together before. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Alleynian Sailing Society please contact Secretary Anthony Frankford,

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