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Christmas 2023

With our best wishes for Christmas and New Year

Christmas card 2023 artwork by Henry Xi Yang

Our Christmas card is the creation of Henry Xi Yang in Year 12. The Spirit of Unity draws upon the charm of vintage hand-painted posters, aiming to evoke nostalgia and a comforting sense of familiarity for the viewers. It encapsulates the spirit of unity within the Dulwich College community, as individuals gather joyfully to decorate a Christmas tree. Influenced by Jonathan Wateridge’s masterful utilisation of chiaroscuro, the artwork employs a dramatic interplay of light and shadow, aiming to achieve a mesmerising visual impact. Additionally, inspiration has been drawn from the works of historical artists such as Georges de La Tour, further enriching the piece with a timeless artistic resonance.

We hope you also enjoy the Dulwich College Chapel Choir singing Of the father’s heart begotten recorded in Christ’s Chapel.