Art Summer Show 'Loop' 2018

A line drawn on paper, a piece of a letter, part of a path, a line in motion, looping the loop. Moving forward, springing back; twisting and bending. Shaping the future whilst using the past to define and redefine it.

Displayed across two sites on Thursday evening, our art exhibition ‘Loop’ showcased a selection of final pieces from our Year 11 GCSE students and their Upper School A Level and Pre-U counterparts. As our students navigate the creative terrain, influences vary from obscure, strange, repetitive to the unexpected and fresh. They keep their work current by exploring ‘what’s in’ and ‘what’s on’ while orbiting the ‘what ifs?’ 

Looking back, this year’s exhibitions have collectively united the processes of resolving, selection and transition. Never settling on a solitary and static final, more typically a prototype; accepting that everything is a tangential, transient stage and there may never be an end to the creative arc. We hope our departing Year 13's will keep us in the loop as they take up OA status and that those returning Year 11 students will form the creative hub as the College embarks on its 400 anniversary celebrations.

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