Entrepreneurs' Workshop 2018

Entrepreneurs' Workshop 2018

The second Professional Networking event to support Entrepreneurs took place in the Auditorium last Thursday when an audience of students from the College, OAs, parents and guests gathered to join in a panel discussion on some of the developments in one of the most exciting sectors in the British economy today.

During the evening, chaired by Dr Joe Spence and Jo Cruse, it quickly became evident that, despite the wide ranging backgrounds and business models of the panellists, there were a number of common themes upon which everyone agreed.

These included a clear understanding that ‘soft’ interpersonal skills are essential if you are to get the best out of the people who work with you and for you. 

That an unshakeable self-belief can take you a very long way but eventually most realised that while you need to keep people with good ideas close you have to keep a good lawyer and an accountant even closer.

Finally, every panellist recognised the importance of being able to reach out and ask for help. A network of friends, family and professional mentors were seen as being essential to smooth out the inevitable highs and lows, the good days and bad days that running your own business brings.

The buzz created by the panel discussion continued late into the evening with ideas pitched and discussed and new contacts made. The overall feeling was that the evening had only just glimpsed at the fascinating world of the entrepreneur and it was one to which we should return again very soon.

We again thank our moderators, Dr Joe Spence and Jo Cruse, and our panelists Sam Bamert, Rob Barber, George Hughes-Davies, Victor Jakubiuk, Anna Lewis, Sumit Rai and Ndubuisi Uchea (Full profiles can be found here).  We would also like to thank our OA photographer Julian Tse. You can view all the photographs from the evening on our Flickr site.

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