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Core Values

We worked with the boys to decide upon some ‘core values’ for our Junior School. The ‘logo’ that represents these core values was designed by one of the pupils from the Junior School.
Junior School Core Values logo

The logo is clearly advertised in each classroom and other communal areas. The core values underpin all that we do. They are regularly referred to by staff and are reinforced in assemblies, Form Tutor periods, Wellbeing lessons and by visiting speakers. They underpin our behaviour policy and the ways in which we relate to each other. 

Do the right thing We make safe, sensible choices and use our common sense. We are honest and we stand up for what is right.
Care for others We look after other people, our community, our school and the environment. We show respect by being polite, kind and tolerant.
Join in We all contribute to the school community. We participate actively in lessons and activities and we lend a helping hand. Everyone’s voice is heard.
Strive for excellence We work hard in lessons and give of our best to all our endeavours. We focus on the progress we have made and the effort we have given.

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