Day Houses

On entry to the Junior School, a boy will be placed in one of eight Day Houses where he will remain throughout his career at the College. As part of his induction, he will be paired up with an older boy from his House who will act as his ‘buddy’. Boys will be placed in the same House as siblings or relatives who are Old Alleynians. Each House is looked after by a Housemaster who is a member of staff from the Junior School. Boys from Year 6 act as House Captains and Vice-Captains, and boys in the top year may be awarded their House colours for outstanding effort or achievement for their Houses. In addition, House Commendations are awarded for outstanding effort or achievement in any of the House competitions which take place throughout the year.

A wide range of House competitions are held throughout the year which reflects a spread of cultural and sporting events. This includes Cross Country, Art & DT, Poetry Writing, Pancake Racing, Chess and Verse Speaking as well as many others. As well as winning House points for participating in these competitions, they can also earn House points for good work and effort in the classroom. Junior School House meetings take place every fortnight and, once a term, boys will attend a whole College House Meeting with boys from Year 3 to Year 13. Boys also participate in a House lunch each fortnight, where they have the opportunity to eat with the other boys in their Houses rather than in year groups. This helps to create a strong and cohesive community in which all boys are known and valued.

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