An awareness of the needs of others and an appreciation of the capacity to help are both actively promoted through the charity fund-raising that takes place at the Junior school. A wide range of charitable causes are supported and an attempt is made to strike a balance between larger national charities and those supporting people close to our own community in South East London.

Sometimes that Junior School will support charities that resonate particularly well with the Junior school age group and at other times we will join with the full Dulwich College school community and jointly support a common cause. In recent years the Junior school boys have raised money through cinema nights, book and toy stalls, cake sales, sponsored events, collecting unwanted currency, stand-up comedy competitions to name just a few events. The list is long but the involvement of the boys is always uppermost in our event planning. Charites supported over the last couple of years include MIND, Sense, Comic Relief and Sport Relief, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Shelter and NSPCC. Boys can increase their involvement further by joining the Fund Raising Club that meets weekly.

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