To be emotionally healthy we need to be emotionally literate and our Well Being teaching is based on the five aspects of emotional literacy: knowing our emotions, managing our emotions, recognising emotions in others and handling relationships.

Our Well Being programme underpins school life. Designed to promote self-knowledge and build emotional intelligence, boys learn about physical and emotional wellbeing. The programme comprises six strands: emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, living in community, healthy living and preparation for the future. In the Junior School, the boys learn about self- awareness, friendships, family relationships, citizenship, values and mindfulness. We use circle time and a shared approach and language to discuss feelings and to promote empathy, self -esteem and emotional literacy.

In the Junior School, we recognise that Circle time is pivotal to the creation of a nurturing classroom- the circle establishes equality and a sense of group responsibility based on honesty and trust. Circle time is planned to cover themes as a rolling programme throughout the year. The 45 minute sessions are planned in detail for each year group to show progression and to promote boys’ emotional literacy. Circle time is used as a vehicle to: improve speaking and listening skills; extend powers of concentration; enhance relationships; encourage a respect and value of other’s differences; develop confidence and self -esteem; to support the boys as they learn to be kind, not only to each other, but also to themselves; to establish a sense of community and to have fun. Well -chosen resources are used to support circle time and these may include a talking object, games, puppets and parachutes. There is a Well Being Post Box for boys to share any concerns or thoughts that they feel reluctant to share openly, a Friendship Bench in the playground and a lunchtime Well Being Club.

Collaborative Reward Charts are used in every class as visual reminders of positive behaviour and attitudes. The Kindness Tree is an integral part of school assemblies when we celebrate and reinforce kind behaviour throughout the school.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is promoted through Well Being lessons and assemblies. A healthy body is not just about being fit - in reality it is a combination of many factors, of which exercise is a small part. A healthy body is achieved not only with physical wellbeing but also with a healthy mental and spiritual attitude. The way to good health and a healthy body is directly related to what is put into that body and how it is treated. Our aim is to encourage Junior School boys to grow up to be responsible, active members of our community.

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