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Information Technology

All boys in the Junior School receive tuition in Computing and IT. Lessons take place in the Junior School IT Centre using Windows PCs managed over the College’s network.

There are sufficient machines in the centre to allow each boy to have his own computer and thus spend as much time as possible ‘hands-on’ learning. All Junior School classrooms are equipped with short-throw interactive projectors and large flat surface whiteboards. Chromebooks are used in classroom to access web-based resources and Microsoft 365 cloud-based services. All boys have a Microsoft 365 account to enable them to work smoothly between school and home on any devices.

In Computing and IT lessons, boys are taught to use core applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases and presentation tools and are exposed to both cloud-based computing and server installed applications. Boys are introduced to computer coding and touch typing from Year 3 onwards. IT is integrated across the curriculum and collaboration skills are developed and encouraged alongside the development of specific computing and IT skills.

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