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History is timetabled for two periods a week throughout the Junior School. Our aim is to inspire a fascination of the past and to give the boys a deep understanding of significant events while developing their sense of historical enquiry. History lessons consist of a balance of knowledge acquisition and skills learning. Analysis of primary and secondary sources allow the boys to develop analytical skills which are transferable across the curriculum and can be applied in a wider context. Wherever possible, the boys handle artefacts, taking advantage of the College’s extensive historical archive. In this way they build up a better understanding of the past, its influence on the present and of their own place within society.

Units of work are diverse and include the study of ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Rome and the Vikings, and several periods in British history including the Tudors, Victorians and the Second World War. Visits to museums and other places of historical interest are arranged for all year groups to further stimulate and encourage interest in the past. These experiences include trips to Hampton Court Palace, Southwark Cathedral and The Imperial War Museum, and visiting experts who lead Aztec and Viking theme based workshops.

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