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All the boys in the Junior School have two periods of Geography each week. Lessons are planned around the National Curriculum programme of study but we also adapt and extend the work to meet the needs and interests of our boys.

During the lessons we aim to stimulate the boys’ interests in their surroundings both immediate and further afield. We also look at how human and physical elements interact and what can be done to provide a balance between our needs and those of the environment. Where possible, units of work are supported by practical field studies. At the end of Year 3 the boys visit Bay-Pond for some pond-dipping which allows them to pursue their geographical interests beyond the classroom into the natural environment. In Years 4 the boys’ work on mountains and rivers is explored during their visit to the College’s Outdoor Centre in the Brecon Beacons while Year 5 visit Kew Gardens as part of their topic on Brazil. Overall, the aim is to continue to inspire and excite!

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