Drama & Performance

Drama is, as it were, in the genes of Dulwich College which was originally founded by the leading Elizabethan actor, Edward Alleyn.

In the Junior School the boys are exposed to a wide range of drama and theatre both within lessons and through the co-curriculum. Drama features strongly in our weekly class assemblies, allowing the boys a platform to perform on a regular basis to their peers, teachers and adults. Performance also permeates our curriculum with the boys regularly given the opportunity to present research or work in front of their class, alongside role play activities which are particularly prevalent in English, History and Well-being lessons.

The boys receive a taught drama lesson throughout their time in the Junior School in which they can begin to develop specific dramatic skills. These skills include mime, tableau, voice projection, staging, storytelling and many more. At various points, the boys are also given the opportunity to design a set based on a short film. During this topic we discuss areas of the stage, viewpoints, the audience and spectacle. We also ensure that these lessons link with the curriculum. For example, in Year 5 boys use their knowledge of the Aztecs from History lessons to develop skills such as hot-seating, extending vocabulary, and planning and enacting responses. Other topics are based around the boys’ work in English, Well-Being, and Geography.

There are a number of performances for the boys to get involved in during their time in the Junior School. In Year 3 the boys perform a play altogether, taking place in the Summer term. In previous years they have put on Fantastic Mr. Fox and First Kids in Space, alongside The Treasure of Cutlass Island and Mummy’s Return. The two latterly mentioned were original, exciting plays written especially for Year 3 by their head of year. The Year 6 boys also put on a whole group play towards the end of the Lent term. In recent years they have performed Joseph and The Lion King.

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