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Reading for pleasure is a fundamental part of Dulwich College Junior School. Open from 8.30am to 5.00pm every day, the Library offers a vast range of fiction for all ages, plus graphic novels, audiobooks, newspapers, comics and magazines. We also house a wide range of non-fiction to support learning and encourage boys’ interests.

The library itself is comfortable and welcoming – filled with books, magazines and comics, DVDs, audio books, computers and comfortable floor cushions for relaxing.

The library is open every break-time and lunchtime and there are four well subscribed bookclubs run for each year group from Storytelling and Myths for Year 3 boys to the popular Year 6 bookclub run after school.

Each class has a weekly library session – sharing and encouraging reading – with their class teacher and librarian. A constantly updated stock of over 8200 books ensures boys are constantly curious about new titles and authors; as well as encouraged to savour classic texts. The non-fiction section has up to date books which tie in with the ever-evolving curriculum; from science, to geography, to history or RS. Teachers bring their classes to the library to allow boys to “think outside the box” and find information to enhance their studies.

An array of reading initiatives encourages boys of all year groups to try new genres and authors – from the “20 book reading challenge” for Year 6 boys, to the Roald Dahl Jumpsquiffing Journey 10 book journey for Year 3 boys. Participation in these initiatives are voluntary but those who complete the challenges are celebrated in the weekly whole school Celebration Assembly.

The Annual themed Book Week with a wide range of literary and book related activities is one of the highlights of the Junior School Year, aimed at all year groups from treasure hunts, to author visits, creative writing competitions and crafts.

Themed, fun book displays keep the library vibrant – and encourage the boys to see “what’s new”. Peer to peer recommendations are always welcomed. Author visits are encouraged with recent authors being Piers Torday, Simon Mayo, Chris Bradford, Michelle Paver and MG Leonard.

Mrs Hazel Forbes
Junior School Librarian

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