Learning Support

The Junior School provides a caring and nurturing environment and boys’ progress and well-being is constantly monitored. We have a full time highly qualified learning support coordinator with a qualification in assessing and teaching children with a range of difficulties.

The Learning Support Coordinator works closely with Form Tutors, subject teachers and Year Group Coordinators to ensure that support is provided when it is needed. Whilst some pupils may only require support for a limited time to gain confidence in acquiring a particular concept or skill, some pupils require individual support because of a specific difficulty. Learning Support might include help with any of the following: developing reading skills, spelling, handwriting and presentation, numeracy, personal organisation and study strategies. Multi-sensory teaching strategies are employed in one to one sessions to meet the child’s needs. Support is also given in small groups and within the classroom.

The boys’ progress is reviewed regularly and if there is any question of a specific learning difficulty, the Learning Support Coordinator undertakes further assessments. Parents are contacted by the Learning Support Coordinator to discuss any findings and to discuss the level of provision that is required. Occasionally, a referral to an educational psychologist or other external specialist might be recommended and the school can provide a list of recommended professionals.

The Learning Support Coordinator plans individual schemes of work to help boys who have been identified as having a specific difficulty, as well as providing advice and strategies for parents and colleagues.

All the staff work closely together to ensure that boys who need additional support are able to reach their potential and that they feel positive about their learning.

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