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Home Learning

The purpose of home learning is to support learning in the classroom and to help children develop into effective independent learners. Home learning is set daily and should be completed within a reasonable time, as set out below. The children are not expected to exceed these and parents are encouraged to stop their children, as they feel necessary, if timescales have been greatly exceeded. We hope, however, that some children will have a desire to take their learning further particularly when involved in project work. Such independent research is encouraged and celebrated.

Year 3 (30 minutes each day)

  • Reading, on a daily basis, both independently and with an adult
  • Learning weekly spellings
  • 15-20 minutes of written home learning, (Monday to Friday)
  • Weekend home learning - a research task generally linked to Humanities topics

Years 4 and 5 (40-45 minutes each day)

  • Reading on a daily basis reading, independently, or with an adult, as advised by school
  • Sharing a book with an adult at least once week,
  • Learning weekly spellings
  • 20-30 minutes of written home learning (this will include some research or project work periodically))

Year 6 (45-60 minutes each day) 

  • Reading on a daily basis, generally independently, but sharing a book with an adult from time to time, is still encouraged
  • Learning weekly spellings
  • 30-45 minutes of subject home learning (one or two subjects)
  • Research home learning replaces Humanities while the boys are undertaking their research projects leading up to the Great Exhibition


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