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The Junior School curriculum is broad, exciting, relevant and challenging, ensuring academic rigour and challenge to enable all pupils to realise their potential.  

Pupils enjoy a wealth of opportunities to develop creative, artistic, musical, cultural, charitable and sporting interests and talents within and beyond the classroom, including our Free Learning and Co-Curricular programmes. Making use of bespoke Junior School Art, D&T, Music, Theatre and Science spaces, pupils in all year groups have specialist weekly lessons in these areas.  

Core subjects are central to the Junior School curriculum and pupils have daily Maths and English lessons as well as two Science lessons per week. In addition, each class has a dedicated library lesson in the Junior School library which helps foster a love of reading.  

Year 5 and 6 pupils have 1-1 ipads which are used across the curriculum to enhance and extend learning, offering innovative outcomes across subjects whilst building pupil's digital literacy.  

New in 2020, we were delighted to introduce Forest School into the curriculum – taking children into the great outdoors (whatever the weather!) to explore the natural environment and developing an appreciation for nature whilst learning to work collaboratively. We use the nearby Dulwich and Sydenham Woods as well as our own on-site Forest School area and boys enjoy bespoke Forest School sessions throughout the year to support their academic learning and personal development.  

We strive to immerse students in topics studied through WOW Days such as Viking Day, Victorian Day which enhance learning in subject areas. In addition, boys complete research projects throughout their time in the Junior School, gaining experience and confidence in research and presentation skills. Year 6 pupils take on a cross-curricular Extended Research Project, ‘The Great Exhibition’, based on the UN Global Goals which fosters free learning, critical thinking, creativity and independence. This project is the culmination of the independent research skills learned through their time in the Junior School and boys have ownership of the direction of their project, applying different ‘lenses’ to generate questions to extend and deepen their inquiries.  

Our annual Academic Enrichment Symposium is an off timetable day where our students are joined by pupils from James Allen’s Girls School Prep and Dulwich Wood Primary School. The children work collaboratively and take part in workshops run by College staff as well as visiting speakers and it is a magical day to see interests piqued and passions ignited.  

We make full use of the wealth of world-class museums, galleries, theatres on our doorstep, and boys enjoy regular trips to support academic learning. In addition, an annual visit from the Young Shakespeare Company is a perfect introduction to Shakespeare and brings to life the plays, completely mesmerising the pupils.  

Our role in the Junior School is to equip children with a range of skills and a desire for lifelong learning and to help children grow into courteous, reliable, independent and positive citizens who hold a high level of respect for a diversity of cultures, values, beliefs and abilities. As they move into the Lower School at 11+, pupils are organised, confident, articulate, aspirational in their efforts as well as having a broad and deep knowledge base.  

We are passionate about the opportunities our curriculum offers the boys, and they fully engage in inspiring and intellectually challenging activities with enthusiasm and excitement. 

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