In the Junior School we have an Excellence and Enrichment Programme which is designed to stretch, challenge and motivate all boys to achieve high standards across the curriculum.

We use the terms Excellence & Enrichment because our programme is designed to inspire excellence for all pupils and seeks to enrich the education of our boys by providing relevant, stimulating and challenging opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum. This includes an annual Academic Enrichment Symposium where we are joined by the girls from JAPS and pupils from Dulwich Wood Primary School. The children are off timetable to take part in ‘free learning’ on a theme and take part in workshops run by Junior School and College staff as well as visiting speakers.

The boys also take part in educational visits and are frequently visited by outside speakers to inspire and ignite passions for learning beyond the curriculum.

In every year group the boys undertake research projects that build skills. This culminates in an extensive cross-curricular research project in Year 6 based on the theme ‘Issues and Challenges in the World Today’ linked to the UN Global Development Goals. The aim of this is to foster free learning, critical thinking, creativity and independence. Boys have ownership of the direction of their own projects and will apply different ‘lenses’ in order to generate questions to extend and deepen their inquiries. The project will culminate in a Great Exhibition Evening for parents to give a flavour of the learning that has taken place and to showcase the boys’ work.

Our aims for our Excellence & Enrichment & Extension Programmes are as follows:

  • To provide an appropriate academic challenge, which enables each pupil to realise his full potential
  • To enable our pupils to work at a high cognitive level
  • To provide relevant and meaningful challenges which require deep thinking and creative learning
  • To provide our pupils with the opportunity to develop and extend specific skills or talents
  • To support pupils’ interests and talents through a varied and enriching co-curricular programme

We are passionate about the opportunities our programme offers the boys and they fully engage with the inspiring and intellectually challenging activities with enthusiasm and excitement.

The boys develop the skills that will stand them in good stead when they move to the Lower School at 11+. The boys benefit from an experienced teaching staff with specialist teachers to coach them on specific subjects. In addition to the wealth of knowledge they gain with us, the boys learn how to apply their own critical thinking, to be able organise themselves, to be confident and articulate, to take responsibility for their own learning and to be aspirational in their efforts. Lessons are structured to allow for an active participation in the learning process so that the boys discover how to explore subjects, ask questions and develop their own conclusions with the guidance and support of their teachers. We want boys to be excited about coming to school and aim to teach lessons that are stimulating, focused and ambitious.

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