Message from the Master

Leading a virtual school is an entirely new and challenging experience, yet our principal objectives remain true. Whether on the College campus or working from home, our aims are to ensure that all our pupils from DUCKS to Upper School:

  • feel equally secure and valued;
  • have academic challenges that enable them all to realise their potential;
  • are provided with sporting, cultural, charitable and adventurous activities to enjoy and through which they can learn to work co-operatively and lead;
  • are nurtured in a supportive community that encourages a sense of social responsibility.

There is no doubt that achieving these aims remotely is a test of our collective and individual motivation and resilience, and I am proud to say that the community has shown itself to be delivering on all fronts, with great energy and enthusiasm. For the remainder of the time that we are Virtual Dulwich we will, I feel confident, continue to learn and thrive. I hope you enjoy exploring these pages of our website. 

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