Southwark Schools' Learning Partnership

Southwark Schools Learning Partnership (SSLP) is a collaboration between local secondary schools. The partnership promotes projects for students and CPD (Career Professional Development) for staff.

Dr Joe Spence and Catherine May, Head Teacher of St Saviour’s & St Olave’s CE School are co-directors of the partnership, providing leadership in connecting schools, teachers and students. We also organise a variety of SSLP projects and employ a coordinator to help enhance their impact.

Dulwich College opportunities shared with our SSLP partners in 2018/19:

To learn more about the SSLP contact:

Katie Barretta

SSLP Co-ordinator

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"The talk challenged me to think about the place art has in our community, society and wider world... at times durign the talk I found this overwhelming to comprehend."
Year 11 SSLP Student
"The lecture [by Dr Sarah Garfinkel on the 'Body and the Brain' at the Upper School Symposium] was extremely intriguing where we learnt that our 'gut instinct' is an intuitive thing. As a successful neuroscientists, we were honoured to have had this opportunity with her and thank Dulwich College for their amazing hospitality."Year 12 SSLP Student