The Head's Welcome

Welcome to DUCKS, Dulwich College Infants’ School and Kindergarten. As the only coeducational school of Dulwich College, our focus is as a family school. When your children are young, their school becomes a huge part of family life, as DUCKS has for my own family.

At DUCKS we pride ourselves on our pastoral care first and foremost, in order to help your child build the foundations for lifelong learning. Our academic record is excellent: we offer rich and varied learning opportunities and prepare children very well for future schools. However, life in south London is fast-paced and we aim to balance that in our school day. We make great use of our amazing grounds and facilities to offer a range of outdoor lessons and clubs, and give plenty of time for sport and play.

I am passionate about giving the children at DUCKS a real childhood. I believe that in the early years children can and should learn through play and exploration. Throughout education, academic rigour can only be met by healthy, happy children through a vibrant and interesting curriculum.

I hope you find the website useful, but for a full picture of DUCKS please do come and see it for yourself. I look forward to meeting you.

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