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The Head's Welcome

Welcome to DUCKS, a coeducational Infants' school and Kindergarten offering an exceptional setting for your child’s first steps towards lifelong learning. Surrounded by green open spaces, our dedicated and highly skilled team create a caring and nurturing environment where your child can grow in confidence as they start that all important learning journey.

At DUCKS, we hold true to the sense of belonging created by ensuring strong bonds between home and school. Enabling children to feel safe and secure while being challenged through enriched learning experiences leads to happy, safe learners. 

Learning through play, learning through the environment and learning through meaningful and engaging experiences are key elements that build the foundations for a love of learning.

Children’s interests and passions lie at the heart of our robust, high quality Early Years curriculum. Our learning focused environment provides the space needed for children to direct and shape their experiences in partnership with our Early Years specialists. As our older children advance through DUCKS, we encourage greater links with our local community and increase the opportunities for leadership that help develop skills of confidence, communication and collaboration.

Our academic record is excellent and when our Year 2 children move on to their next schools, we are there to support and guide you through the process. We follow the progress of our DUCKS children carefully to create fruitful and effective transitions to future schools both in and out of London.

Delve further into the website and you will see examples of a whole host of exceptional learning experiences: forest adventures, eco projects, school leadership successes, drama performances, art exhibitions, computing collaborations to name but a few.

We warmly invite you to come along and see us in action to learn more about the family of learners we shape here at DUCKS. Please contact our registrar for details of how to make an appointment.

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