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The Duckling Room

Ages 2 to 3 years

Children in the Duckling Room celebrate their third birthday during their year in Ducklings. Some children move up from the Toddler Room and some join the Kindergarten at this stage. In the Duckling Room the children are given a wide range of opportunities to practise, expand and develop their pre-school skills through both planned and spontaneous play and child initiated and adult led activities. Each child’s progress is individually assessed through observation to ensure that the activities given to them are appropriate and stimulating with next steps for learning planned and implemented. Opportunities to use a wide range of equipment and tools are provided throughout the day, including creative expression with a variety of painting and art materials which helps to develop fine motor skills.

Learning opportunities in the Duckling Room encourage a sound knowledge and understanding of concepts such as number and shape along with a constant strengthening of key personal, social and emotional skills, including independence, confidence, self motivation, concentration, turn-taking and sharing. Staff engage fully with the children in both focused and free play activities, providing them with the support and stimulation to ensure they become interested learners, competent communicators and creative thinkers.

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