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Transitions from one year to another can be daunting for parents and children alike. New adults, new spaces and new experiences await. We plan for each transition careful, in order to make them as smooth as possible.

The transition from the Kindergarten to the Infants' School starts in the Duckling Room as the children have access to the Infants' School PE facilities, specialist music and dance teachers, as well as the school’s well-equipped hall and spacious playing fields. The Infants' School staff visit the Kindergarten several times throughout the year to observe and carry out activities with the Duckling Room children. During the summer term, all the Duckling children visit the Nursery to spend time in their new classroom and to become familiar with their teachers and teaching assistants. These visits are arranged in small groups giving the children time to explore their new environment. By the end of their time in the Duckling Room, children are confident in their social and learning skills and ready to embark on the next stage of their school lives.

Within the Infants' School children have chances to work with other children and staff from all year groups on House days and other events. In the Summer term, they attend 'Moving Up Day' to meet their new teacher and the teacher will also spend time with them in their current classroom as part of a thorough handover with the previous teacher. Each year group builds on the last, and the progression from one class to another will feel like a natural step for which the children are ready.

Moving to a new school for Year 3 is the final transition from DUCKS. (See After Ducks) No matter which school a child moves on to, they will be well prepared and the handover carefully managed. Children leave us confident, articulate and sociable; ready to make new friends, learn new skills and continue onto the next stage of their learning journey.