Pupil Leadership at DUCKS

This week we have been delighted to be able to hear highlights from our Year 2 manifestos. Every Year 2 pupil will be elected to be member of one of four leadership teams and make a contribution to important decision-making across the school. All the groups will be working as part of a team with prefects from the College and help from their teachers. ‘Charities’ will lead the service element of our school improvement and will work on choosing charities and helping to instil a ‘pay it forward’ core to our school. ‘Sustainability' starts with small changes that we can make each and every day. ‘Nutrition’ will help to develop healthy eating and will taste new menus and measure food waste. ‘School Council’ will have an overview of all the pupil leadership at DUCKS and  we have no doubt that a meeting in the board room is on the horizon.

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