Explosion of Colour literacy lesson

As part of our exploration of our Explosion of Colour topic, the children in Year 1’s Teal Class have been adapting and rewriting a poem by Colin West entitled 'Our Colours'. The original takes each of the colours of the rainbow and examines the poet's associations to that particular hue. Teal Class have collaborated to come up with a whole-class version and have also written their own individual pieces of learning in response to West's work. We have included the poem, 'Our Colours', that was generated by the class during one of our literacy lessons this week. Our colours, these are our colours: Red like a poison dart frog. Orange like a pumpkin. Yellow like the mood metre. Green like green pesto. Blue like diving into water. Indigo like a dark, dark castle. Violet like the ‘Focus Card’. A rainbow they make all together.

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