Author visit by Tom Fletcher

Year 2 were treated to a magnificent performance by Tom Fletcher, bestselling children's author - as well as famous for being a member of the band McFly. Both classes walked down to the new Laboratory to see and hear Tom Fletcher read extracts from his latest book 'The Christmasaurus and the White Witch', where we met characters from his earlier book, 'The Christmasauras', currently being turned into an animated film. Tom talked about his inspiration and his passions. Following this he answered our questions. He told us that he likes Christmas so much that he sometimes has Christmas-themed birthday parties in the middle of summer. He then sang (while we played the air guitar and wiggled in our seats), 'Afraid of Heights', one of the songs from the musical 'The Christmasaurus'. The fun didn't stop there as Shane Devrie, the extremely talented and personable illustrator of the books drew the cute and charming Christmasuarus live for us on the smart board and answered questions. He told us that “to get good at something, you need to practise a lot!”

Tom Fletcher book signing with Year 2 children from DUCKS


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