When the Vikings came to Town

If you had wandered into the DUCKS hall on Tuesday you might well have thought you had been transported back in time. Year One had a very special visitor; Ash the Viking. Year One became tremendous Viking warriors for the day.

We were taken through battle moves, taught how to row on a longboat and learned about the food we could eat. We handled real weapons: swords as long as our legs, bows and spears as tall as a grown up and armour so heavy Mrs Shaw and Mrs Godfree could not pick it up. We took part in many activities: we performed the dramatic story of ‘How Thor got his Hammer’; acted out a magnificent Viking burial; dressed Mrs Godfree in the finest dyed linen while poor Mrs Shaw had to wear reed shoes We also learned that our days of the week are named in honour of Norse gods and who these were. It was a fascinating and fun day.

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