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Big Shift Eco Week has certainly not been ‘rubbish’ at DUCKS!

All year groups have been inspired and thoroughly engaged in the college-wide project of environmental protection which has been discussed during lessons, circle times and story-telling.

The Toddlers have been outside gardening in the allotment to prepare the soil for vegetables. The Ducklings had balance bike training with Mr Davy and learnt to sit properly on the bikes, to stride, glide and how to stop. All Kindergarten children have been decorating recycled CDs in a beautiful and imaginative fashion.  The CDs will be assembled into stunning chandeliers, to be displayed next week. The Ducklings and Year 1 children visited the College and had the opportunity to explore a fire engine, a huge police HGV and a minibus. Although these vehicles were on site to illustrate the importance to cyclists and other vehicles of blind spots, the Ducklings enjoyed the sheer pleasure of sitting in these enormous vehicles, hearing the siren on the fire engine and using the hose!

Eco Week assembly at DUCKS

‘Rot or Not’ was the theme for Year 1 this week, as they sorted items that will decompose or not. Year 2 have discussed the single use of plastics straws in restaurants and they read articles and watched videos of how straws can damage marine life. In literacy, they wrote formal and persuasive letters to local restaurants highlighting the problems with drinking straws and offering alterative solutions such as metal reusable straws, natural harvest or bamboo straws or even a their own-invention of a flavoured ice-straw. The consensus was that “this is the last straw”, “straws suck!” and “straws are rubbish!”

Eco Week poster

Taking inspiration from the picture book ‘10 Things I Can Do To Help My World’ by Melanie Walsh, all children wrote pledges on leaves of how they could make a small difference to help their environment. They pinned these pledges to trees in the hall during the end of the week assembly. 

Thank you to the families who have also helped children write pledges and thank you to the dedicated staff notably Sandra, Mrs Whitcombe Bick and Mr Davy who participated in the Whole School Fixed Bike Race Competition. Mr Davy finished with an extremely fast time, hot on his heels were the super spinners, Sandra and Mrs Whitcombe Bick.

Eco pledge tree


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