Daily Air Quality Readings

More than 49,000 readings of the air quality on the campus from three monitoring stations at Dulwich College have been taken over a period of 125 days. The monitors are stationed at the main gate on the A205 South Circular, the Shackleton Building and at the Junior School gate on Hunt’s Slip Road, and measurements are recorded throughout the day.

Detailed readings can be seen on the charts – they show readings for particulates (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone. For further details about the data, visit the Government’s site and air quality data published by the Borough of Southwark can be seen on the London Air website.

The stations have been sited to provide accurate data across the College’s main campus.  Chief Operating Officer, Simon Yiend, commented: “Air quality monitoring is carried out across the capital but can be a complex science affected by a number of factors, which can make it difficult to extrapolate accurate indications at a local level. In order to ensure accurate readings for the College, we selected monitors that have been calibrated for accuracy against the two major air-quality monitoring sites in Southwark at Elephant & Castle and in the Old Kent Road, and therefore have confidence in their readings, which have consistently been relatively low.“

In responding to the need to reduce pollution, the College has a no-idling policy for all vehicles on campus, and is exploring options for reducing emissions from  its vehicle fleet, with the aim of reducing reliance on fossil fuels altogether over time, a major task that will take time and substantial resources to complete, one of several programmes that are part of a dynamic and developing sustainability strategy to respond to the pressing challenges of climate change.

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