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Year 2 enjoy a trip to Joss Bay

Year 2 enjoy a trip to Joss Bay

On Thursday 15 June, Year 2 at DUCKS wended their way via coach to Joss Bay in Kent. The sun shone down from a cloudless blue sky and the sea looked like it might as well have been the Mediterranean. Once at the beach, a spot was found and gazebos set up. The children enjoyed playing cricket and football with Mr Davy and building sandcastles.

When tummies started to grumble, it was time for a picnic under the shade. The teachers were on seagull alert to ensure no sandwiches were snatched. After they had had their packed lunch the children devoured ice lollies from the beach café and went back to playing. Shortly thereafter, the adults and children headed down to the sea shore for some paddling. There was a lot of laughter and fun had as the children jumped over the waves and got fairly soggy. Luckily a spare change of clothes had been packed by all.

Once changed and dry, Year 2 had fun rolling down the sand dune before packing up to head back to school. The coach was filled with the happy chatter of many after a good day had. Soon the noise died down and there were lots of lolling heads gently snoring, the true sign of a great day out had by all.

Year 2 pupils and teacher play cricket on Joss Bay beach


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