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DUCKS walks its way to a sustainable future

DUCKS walks its way to a sustainable future

At the end of May, DUCKS celebrated 'Parent & Carer Week' and ‘Walk to School Week’.

As well as helping to reduce street pollution, walking to school is a fantastic opportunity to improve mental and physical health. DUCKS families made an extra effort to do this during Walk to School Week, resulting in positive environmental change and inspiring long-term changes. Where walking was not feasible, they cycled, scooted or ‘parked and strode’ to school. Every family made this extra effort for an average of over 3 days during the week, equating to over 1,200 environmentally friendly journeys. Many have found new appreciation for the benefits of Walk to School Week and have continued this eco behaviour; our bike racks are delightfully full. We are committed to a brighter future.

The highlight of the week was the ‘Biker’s Breakfast’. Many families who travelled to DUCKS using an alternative to the car stayed to enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast together. Children who had cycled then took part in cycling proficiency exercises.

Parents and carers took time out of their busy days to take part in an array of activities with their children. Seeds were planted, flowerpots collaboratively decorated, and exciting competition was enjoyed during the parent and child Year 2 quizzes.

Bike racks at DUCKS


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