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DUCKS Free Learning Day

DUCKS Free Learning Day

DUCKS children take a flight up, up and away!

On Tuesday 12 September DUCKS children discovered that the sky is not the limit to their learning. Staff created a sensational start to the term’s creative curriculum theme, ‘Up, Up and Away!’, that left the children in awe and wonder and provided a hook from which to be creative, learn and explore.

When the children arrived at DUCKS, bubble machines created streams of shimmering bubbles for the children to pop, dodge and dash through. They also discovered a make-believe hot air balloon which had dramatically landed on the school shed. Children were left wondering who had been inside the hot air balloon and where it travelled from.

Within moments of registration, it was time for all classes to board the fantasy plane in the Year 1 and 2 playground. Role play was the order of the day. Each child and teacher leapt into an imaginary world; boarding cards were distributed, and everyone passed through passport control where their documentation was checked. Once bags were stowed and children safely seated, everyone could then enjoy the DUCKS Air flight, complete with pilot, cabin crew and drinks. What they discovered when they arrived in DUCK Land was up left their imaginations.

Fantasy plane in DUCKS playground


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