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Celebrating Black History Month with our youngest learners

Celebrating Black History Month with our youngest learners

During the first three weeks of October, in celebration of Black History Month, the Kindergarten children enjoyed a wealth of carefully planned learning opportunities.

The first week saw the children exploring 'Ready, Steady, Go' where the focus was on the American inventor Garrett Morgan, whose most notable invention was the three-way traffic light, and road safety. The children created their own road system within the garden to develop their gross motor skills through riding bikes and trikes and responding to a traffic light system and their home-made pedestrian crossing. With the work of Garrett Morgan underpinning all learning during the week, the children also completed artwork using the traffic light colours, were taught key aspects of road safety and had the opportunity to use the zebra crossing outside of the Kindergarten.

During the second week of October, the story of ‘Handa's Surprise’ was our learning focus. Through the story, the children were able to travel to Kenya and follow in Handa’s footsteps as she journeys to see her best friend Akeyo in the next village. Some key learning opportunities from this week included:

  • Making telescopes to search for photographs of the seven animals from the story that were hidden throughout the Kindergarten
  • Exploring the different fruits from the story through their senses of touch, taste and smell 

It has been delightful to see how successfully a whole school theme has been adapted to suit the needs of our youngest learners within the College. The final week of term focused on celebration, culminating in a Kindergarten carnival where the children enjoyed a variety of music and songs provided by the Junior School Samba group, a fabulous and exciting way to end.

Kindergarten artwork


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