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Specialist Teaching

Whilst children remain with their class teacher for most of the school day throughout DUCKS, we also have a number of specialist teachers.

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education is a key component of our curriculum and children have two lessons each week with our specialist PE teacher, as well as a swimming lesson from Reception onwards. As well as developing important skills in motor control and sport, these lessons teach children a healthy approach to competition, team work and sportsmanship.


Madame Sonia, our French teacher, works with all the children in the Infants' School each week. Children experience an active approach to language learning and develop a good ear and the confidence to speak out in French through songs, games and stories.


Music and performance are important at DUCKS. All children learn music in whole class, half class and year group lessons each week, as well as having the opportunity for one-to-one instrumental lessons in piano, violin or 'cello.

Our Year 2 children all learn to play the recorder and each year group sings in concerts, assemblies and from Reception, a school play for parents. The opportunity to perform is important for confidence building and team spirit.

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