Senior Management Team

Master of the College

Dr Joseph Spence BA PhD

Deputy Master (Pastoral)

Mrs Fiona Angel BA

Deputy Master (Academic)

Mr Damian King MA

Deputy Master (External Relations)

Dr Cameron Pyke MA MMus PhD

Mr Iain Scarisbrick

Deputy Master (Co-curricular)

Mr Iain Scarisbrick BSc

Mr Simon Yiend

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Simon Yiend MA

Ms Jane Scott

Director of Communications

Ms Jane Scott MA, MBA

Mr Nigel Prout

Director of Finance

Mr Nigel Prout BA ACA

 Mr Matt Jarrett, Director of Development

Director of Development

Mr Matt Jarrett BA

Dr Nick Black

Director of Admissions, Libraries and Archives

Dr N D Black MA PhD

Mr Andrew Threadgould

Head of Upper School

Mr Andrew Threadgould BSc

Elliot Read

Acting Head of Middle School

Mr Elliot Read MA

Mr Sameer Tanna

Head of Lower School

Mr Sameer Tanna BA

Dr Toby Griffiths

Head of Junior School

Dr Toby Griffiths PGCE, MA, MSc, DPhil
Mrs Miranda Norris

Head of DUCKS

Mrs Miranda Norris BEd, ILMP, MEd

Clerk to the Governors

Ms K A Jones LLB

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