Academic Staff

In this section you will find contact details for Dulwich College academic staff, including those who work in the Junior School and DUCKS.

For details of Senior Staff and Governors, please see the relevant pages. On our Contact page you will find College telephone, email and location details.

Staff Lists

Senior School

Staff listed alphabetically by Department:

Miss Ella Davison BA
Mrs Mary-Jo Doherty BA MA Head of Art
Mr Bruce Ingram BA MA
Mr Robert Mills MA
Mrs Sue Mulholland BA Director of Art and Design & Technology
Miss Annika Reed BA
Dr Phil Cue BSc PhD Head of Biology
Mr Mark Grantham-Hill BSc Examinations Officer
Mr Alexis Lacheze-Beer BSc BA MPhil
Dr Louisa McRobert BSc MSc PhD
Mr Ian Senior BA MA MSc CBiol MIBiol
Miss Kate Simcox BSc
Mr Jack White-Foy BSc
Mr Marc Williams BSc
Miss Sarah Wood BSc Director of Co-curricular Activities
Miss Camille Evans PGDip BA Careers Adviser
Ms Nicola Stoney BA Careers Coordinator
Dr André Avshu BSc PhD
Miss Francesca Boycott BSc
Mr Paul Calleja MChem
Mr Martin Geach BSc Head of Year 10
Dr Rachel McIlwaine MChem PhD Director of Science
Mrs Karen O'Keeffe MA
Miss Lucy Rand MChem FRSC Head of Chemistry
Mrs Elizabeth Burbidge BA
Mr Harry Willetts BSc
Miss Frances Cooke BA
Dr Neil Croally MA PhD (OA) Head of Scholarship
Mr Henry Drew BA MSt
Dr Jean-Michel Hulls BA MPhil PhD Head of Classics
Miss Ellie Hyde BA
Mr Seb Wakely MA
Design & Technology
Mrs Fiona Angel BA Deputy Master Pastoral
Ms Emma Berry BA
Mrs Ellie Crawford BA Head of Year 7
Mr Martin Grant-Hudson BA
Mr James Humphrey BA Head of DT
Mr Simon Inchley BA
Mr Sion Roberts BA (Maternity Cover)
Miss Emily Rutter BA
Mrs Victoria Arter-Furlong BA MA
Mr Peter Jolly BA DipRSA (OA) Director of Drama
Mrs Kathryn Norton-Smith BA Head of Academic Drama
Miss Emma Prendergast BA
Mr Richard Clancy BSc (OA)
Mr Sam Cleary Bsc Head of Politics
Mr Hugo Flower BA
Mr Nick Fyfe BA Head of Economics
Ms Kelly Galvin BA
Mr Joe Hallam BSc
Mr Andrew Threadgould BSc Head of Upper School
Miss Jo Akrill BA
Mr Rory Bryant BA
Mrs Angela Cartwright BA MA
Dr Malcolm Cocks BA MA PhD
Miss Nathalie Coppin BA Head of Wellbeing
Mr John Craig BA Head of Year 11
Mr Rory Fisher BA Head of English
Mr Thomas Glass BA
Mr Alex Hawes BA MA
Mr Simon Middleton BEd Head of Year 8
Mr Richard Sutton BA Director of University Admissions
Mr Alastair Trevill BA MA
English as an Additional Language
Miss Sarah Horsfield BA Head of EAL
Dr Jonathan Burbridge BA MA PhD
Mr Max Davidson BA MEd Deputy Head of Middle School
Mr Alastair Henderson BSc Boarding Housemaster, Blew
Mr Trevor Llewelyn MA (OA)
Mr Matthew Poynter BA
Mr Iain Scarisbrick BSc Deputy Master Co-Curricular
Mr Dan Stanley BSc MSc Deputy Head of Upper School
Miss Joanna Woolley MA Head of Geography
History and Politics
Mr Adrian Barrett-Greene BA
Dr Nick Black BA MA PhD Head of Middle School
Mr David Flower MA Assistant Head of Academic (Director of Studies)
Mr Iain Hollingshead MA Community Action Co-ordinator
Mrs Instone BAMA Head of Year 12
Mr Colm Ó Siochrú MA MPhil Head of History
Dr Cameron Pyke MA MMus PhD Deputy Master External
Mr David Smith BA
Mr Simon Thomas BA MA
Mr Andrew Threadgould BSc Head of Upper School
Miss Victoria Trevelyan
Miss Karen Williams MA MA
Mr Joseph Cartwright MA MSc (OA) Head of Computing
Mr Steven Carroll BSc MSc PGCE
Dr James Kinch BA BPhil DPhil Head of Critical Thinking
Dr Andrew Storey BA MSc PhD Director of ICT
Learning Support
Miss Jane Brind BEd Dip SpLD Junior School Learning Support Co-ordinator
Mrs Lucinda Fordham Learning Support Teacher
Ms Prabhjot Hooghan BSc PGCE Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Anne Owen CertEd Dip SN SpLD
Miss Eleanor Walters MA PGCE NASENCO Head of Learning Support
Libraries & Archives
Mrs Soraya Cerio BA, MA, MBA Archivist
Mr Paul Fletcher BA DipLib MCLIP Head of Libraries
Mrs Hazel Forbes BA Junior School Librarian
Mrs Charlotte Judet BSc Wodehouse Library Assistant
Mrs Calista M Lucy BA MCLIP Keeper of the Archives
Ms Katherine A McGuinness BA Raymond Chandler Library Assistant
Mrs Michelle Robinson BA Wodehouse Library
Mrs Elizabeth Rowing BA MA MCLIP Raymond Chandler Librarian
Mrs Helen Stein BA MSc Wodehouse Library Assistant
Mr Terry Walsh BA Assistant Archivist
Mr Robert Weaver BA MA FSAScot Acting Chaplain, Keeper of the Fellows' Library
Mr Jonathan Andrews BSc
Mr Ross Bishop MEng
Mr Jim Capocci BSc OND (Engineering)
Mr James Faiers BSc Head of Year 9
Dr Michael Gabriel BSc PhD
Dr Andrew King BSc, MA, PhD
Mr Buddhika Kulatunge BSc Assistant College Administrator
Mr Jeremy Lord BSc College Analyst and Assistant Timetabler
Mrs Emily Collins-McIntyre MMathPhys
Dr Mark O'Neill BSc MSc PhD o'
Mr Chris Ottewill BA MPhil Head of Mathematics
Mr Aidin Poori BSc MSc
Mr Will Quayle BSc Head of Year 13
Mr Jonathan Ratnasabapathy MA
Mr James Rosslyn-Smith BSc
Ms Margaret Russell BSc MA MEd
Mrs Alison Smith-Baker BSc
Miss Victoria Tampin BSc
Modern Languages
Mr Robert Baylis MA Head of Modern Languages
Mrs Jane Briggs BA Head of Italian
Mrs Elizabeth Brooke BA MA
Mr Jacques Brown BA Head of French
Miss Kate Cutler BA
Miss Rachel Dinham BA
Mr Will Dugdale MA Head of German
Mr Alex Iltchev BA Head of Spanish
Ms Catherine Juyol BA
Mr Nick Mair BA Director of Languages
Mr Toby McPhilemy BA
Mr Fernando Nieto Almada BA MA
Mr Ben Pelly BA MA Boarding Housemaster of Ivyholme
Mrs Rachel Porter
Mr James Poynton BA
Mr Elliot Read MA Assistant Head Pastoral
Ms Elly Sioufi MA
Mr Andrew Stark BA DMS MA Head of Chinese
Mr Julian Suddaby MA MPhil
Mr Sameer Tanna BA Head of Lower School
Miss Chloe Wang Head of The Union
Mr Patrick Whibley BA Staff Tutor
Mr Ben Wood BA
Lectoras, Lectrices & Lektorin
Miss Eva Bosch BA MA
Mrs Aeleta Cloud
Ms Violeta Frutos Goya BA MA
Miss Anne-Lucile Gerardot
Miss Linn-Katharina Peters
Ms Catherine Thomson
Dr John Carnelley BMus MMus ARCO Deputy Director of Music (Academic)
Miss Claire Cousens BA FRCO
Mr David Eno BMus Deputy Director of Music (Practical)
Mrs Caitlin Kelly MMus Head of Music Years 3-8
Ms Lesley Larkum MMus, BMus, ASCM Head of Strings
Mr Dan Ludford-Thomas BA FRSM Head of Vocal Studies
Mr Richard Mayo MA MusB FRCO Director of Music
Mrs Caroline Medland BA DUCKS
Mr Luis Pares BMus MMus Head of Keyboards
Mr Robin Smith Dip.GSMD Head of Brass
Dr Andrew Storey BA MSc PhD Music Technology
Ms Elsa Tatevossian MA Concerts Manager and PA to Director of Music
Mrs Lisa Tsang
Physical Education
Mr Barny Allen BSc
Mr Bill Athey Sports Coach
Mr Nick Brown BEd Boarding Housemaster, The Orchard
Mr Matthew Burdekin BA Master in charge of Basketball
Mr Simon Croucher BA Head of Outings and Expeditions
Mr James Davies BSc
Mr Phil Greenaway BSc Director of Sport
Miss Alice Denyer Rowing Coach
Mr James Hanks BSc Master in charge of Rugby
Mr Stephen Kelly
Mr Justin King BEd Master in charge Hockey
Miss Tracy Palmer Swimming and Water Polo Coach
Mr Curtis Whaymand BSc MSc MIC Tennis
Mr Tom Whitehead BA Head of Football
Dr Dario Duo BSc MSc PhD
Dr Martin Dury PhD MSc BSc
Mr Ben Ford
Miss Alexis Kelly BA
Mr Damian King MA Deputy Master Academic
Mr Jonathan Lansley-Gordon MSc
Miss Fermina Marche MPhys
Mr Keith Rowney BSc
Mrs Jenny Stanley BSc
Mr Andrew Wheble BA MEng Head of Physics
Religion and Theology
Mrs Sarah Crossley BA MTh
Mr Jon Fox BA MA Head of Religion and Theology
Miss Eleanor Morley BA
Mrs Alice Lees (née Parker) BA
Mr Robert Weaver BA MA FSAScot Keeper of the Fellows' Library
Rev Justin White MEng MA MA

Junior School

Dr Toby Griffiths PGCE MA MSc DPhil
Head of Junior School
Mrs Hazel Knight MA PGCE
Deputy Head
Mrs Francesca Southern BA PGCE
Deputy Head Academic
Mr Edward Wickstead BA
Deputy Head Co-curricular
Mrs Alice Alderman BA PGCE
Mrs Holly Bishop BA PGCE
Miss Jane Brind BEd
Mrs Adriene Cooper BA PGCE MA
Miss Emma Cosford BA PGCE
Mr Brian Davies BA PGCE
Mr James Davies BSc
Mrs Clare Duncan BA PGCE MA(Ed)
Mrs Victoria Edwards BSc
Mrs Hazel Forbes BA Junior School Librarian
Mr Martin Frost BA MA
Mr Tom Goodrich BA PGCE
Ms Joanna Green BA
Miss Carly Greenaway BSc
Miss Caitlin Kelly BMus
Mr Nick Mair BA
Mr Brendan Murphy
Miss Rosie Northcott BA
Mr Richard Oubridge BEd
Mrs Catherine Radford BA MA PGCE
Miss Suzanne Rowe BSc with QTS
Miss Victoria Scott MA
Mr Paul
Mr Graham Wilson MPhys PGCE Head of Junior and Lower School Science

DUCKS Infants' School

Mrs Nicky Black BA, QTS Head of DUCKS
Mrs Joanne Parker BA, Ed - Early Years QTS Deputy Head
Miss Emily Lynch PA to Head of DUCKS
Mrs Emma Millett Infants’ School Registrar /Secretary


Heron Class

Ms Anna Turvey Dip Ed, Bed QTS Class Teacher
Mrs Filomena Wood BA Teaching Assistant
Mrs Trish Zammit FDEY Montessori Teaching Assistant (part time)

Moorhen Class

Mrs Annette Dipré BA, PGCE QTS Class Teacher, Early Years Co-ordinator
Miss Jo Thomas NVQ3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine Probert City & Guilds AD Teaching Assistant (Wednesdays)
Mrs Zoë Smith NNEB Montessori


Lapwing Class

Miss Emma Leyser BA, QTS Class Teacher
Miss Louise Graham BTEC Teaching Assistant

Swan Class

Mr Christopher Moss BA,GTP QTS Class Teacher
Mrs Lisa Treliving BA, BTEC Teaching Assistant (job share)
Mrs Anita Greyner Teaching Assistant (job share)

Year 1

Kingfisher Class

Miss Charlotte Godfree BA, PGCE QTS Teacher
Miss Marian Guilfoyle Dip in Ecs Teaching Assistant

Teal Class

Mrs Lucy Shaw BA GTP QTS Class Teacher
Mrs Juliette Holmes BA QTS Teacher (Fridays)
Ms Ruth Owen NVQ2 Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Avocet Class

Mrs Sarah Jarvis BA QTS Class Teacher, KS1 Co-ordinator
Mrs Joanne Naylor BA, PGCE QTS Teacher (Tuesday afternoons and Fridays)
Mrs Sue Turnbull Montessori Teaching Assistant (job share)
Miss Chantelle Frederick NVQ3 Teaching Assistant (job share)

Curlew Class

Mrs Joanna James BA, PGCE QTS Class Teacher, Deputy Head
Mrs Sue Turnbull Montessori Teaching Assistant (job share)
Miss Chantelle Frederick NVQ3 Teaching Assistant

Additional Teaching Staff

Mrs Sarah Gibson BA, GTP QTS Teacher
Mrs Lindsey Whitter BA QTS Teacher
Mrs Cathy Delacroix Cert Ed Learning Support
Mrs Lucy Parry BA Ed, Cert SpLD (OCR), QCF SLCN Learning Support
Mrs Ann-Christine Andersen Learning Support
Mrs Isobel Pearson BADUCKS Librarian/Admin Assistance
Mrs Caroline Medland BA, Music Cert of Adv Studies Music
Mr Tayo Davy BA PE
Miss Sonia Igharben French
Mrs Michelle Whitcombe-Bick CCE Forest School Leader
Mr Julian Barber GLCM, LTCL, (TD), ALCM Piano
Miss Lesley Larkum MMUS, BMUS, ASCM Violin
Sr Miguel Calvo Cello
Mr Freddie Dunstan Caretaker
Mrs Nigar Tevfik House Keeper

DUCKS Kindergarten

Mrs Nicky Black BA, QTS Head of DUCKS
Miss Sally Donaldson NNEB MA Head of Kindergarten
Mrs Tracey Greenwood NNEB ADCE Deputy Head of Kindergarten
Mrs Polly Twisk DUCKS Executive Assistant

Baby Room

Miss Susan Larkin BA Hons Ed Room Leader (job share)
Mrs Diane Tyrrell Room Leader (job share)
Mrs Sandra Tarrant NVQ level 3 Early Years Practitioner

Toddler Room

Mrs Nina Hul EYPS, MA Room Leader
Miss Harriet Brook NNEB Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Lara Nicholls NVQ level 2 Early Years Practitioner
Miss Vicky Roff NVQ 3 Early Years Practitioner
Miss Leona Williams NNEB Early Years Practitioner

Duckling Room

Mrs Judy Acers NCFE level 3 Room Leader
Mrs Ali Eyet NVQ level 3 Early Years Practitioner
Miss Mollie Greenwood BA Hons Ed Early Years Practitioner
Miss Hayley Lewis NCFE level 3 Early Years Practitioner
Miss Lianne Monger BA Hons Ed Early Years Practitioner
Miss Claudine Uwinbabazi CACHE level 3 Early Years Practitioner

Support Members of Staff

Miss Wendy Cooke NVQ level 2 Support Worker to EYP team
Miss Janice Souter Food Hygiene Certificate Housekeeper
Mrs Laura Sabilia Montessori Diploma Early Years Practitioner (job share)
Mrs Marie Wood NVQ 3 Early Years Practitioner (job share)

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