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Academic Scholarships

For entry to the Lower School (Year 7) and Middle School (Year 9).

Academic Scholarships are awarded to those boys who perform exceptionally well and score the highest grades in their examination and interview. For entry to Years 7 and Year 9 (late entry) all boys who sit the entrance examinations are automatically considered for an academic scholarship.

The pupils who join us through the Year 9 deferred entry route will sit the entrance examinations when they are in Year 6 and will have the opportunity to apply for Academic, Music, Art, and sports scholarships when they are in Year 8.  Parents will be sent full information and the applications form in the summer term when their son is in Year 7.

Scholarships may be held by day boys and boarders and will be continued until the holder leaves the College, subject to satisfactory progress and conduct.

Scholarships are not means-tested. Scholarships range in value from 10% to one third of tuition fees.

Can you be awarded a Bursary and a Scholarship?

Yes, a Scholarship may be supplemented by a Bursary if there is genuine financial need.

Music, Art and Sports Scholarships

External applicants for Music, Art and Sports Scholarships are required to meet the academic requirements of the College at all points of entry. When applying online, please indicate if you would like your son to be considered for a Music Scholarship (Years 7, 9 or 12), Art Scholarship (Year 9) or Sports Scholarship (Year 9).

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