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Holocaust Memorial Day

“What would they have given to live just a month of the life I have had.” Judith Kerr OBE

We learn from the past in the hope that one day we will be free from genocide, atrocities and crimes against humanity. Each year on Holocaust Memorial Day we renew our pledge:

To reflect the importance of learning lessons from the past and of working towards a better future by empowering young people in the present to have a greater understanding and a will to make a difference; to be themselves that light which shines in the darkness and into the darker areas of human history.

We echo the history and stories of the Holocaust and testimonies of survivors, in particular Judith Kerr and Maurice Blik. We do this through our work with Echo Eternal and pledge charity Aegis Trust and come together as a school community to remember in assemblies, workshops and talks.

Watch the candle flicker against the dark wall
Telling stories of those who were silenced.

Holly Peters, Mayflower 400 Young City Laureate for Plymouth

You are welcome to view the Echo Eternal project with our full pledge and the creative responses from Year 7 and 12 pupils.

Echo Eternal 2022

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 engaged in art, music, dance and drama workshops in response to the Holocaust, the work of Aegis Trust and the testimonies of survivors Judith Kerr and Maurice Blik.

One Day

One Day is a collaboration of individual art responses by Year 12 pupils to the testimonies of Judith Kerr and Maurice Blik. Working in film, sculpture, photographic and fine art media each pupil engaged with moments in their personal stories which, although harrowing, also contain hope.

Echo Eternal

Echo Eternal is a commemorative arts, media and civic engagement project delivered in schools for children of all ages, inspired by the testimony of British survivors of the Holocaust. Pupils, working with creative professionals, develop artistic responses to Holocaust survivor testimony, which are showcased in the week preceding Holocaust Memorial Day on Thursday 27 January.

This culminates in the Echo Eternal Horizons Festival, in which we participated virtually last year, and which for 2022 will take place later in January – in person – at Birmingham Town Hall. Thirty pupils from Years 7 and 8 will work for two days with a diverse group of pupils for different schools and backgrounds as they prepare a collective, commemorative response to survivor testimony. The pupils’ work was recorded and shared to the whole College community in our Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly, and on our own and the Echo Eternal websites.

Information about the work of our pledge charities can be found on the websites of Aegis Trust - Preventing Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity and Gua Africa – Educate a child, develop a nation.

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