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Vision and Values

Our vision is to be an outstanding school inculcating in every pupil an aptitude for work, study, and a sense of service so they have the potential to make a positive difference in the world.

What makes a Dulwich education?

What is distinctive is the balancing of the Primacy of the Classroom (academic challenge and excellent teaching to the test) with Free Learning (engagement in learning beyond the curriculum, for its own sake and in preparation for life after Dulwich).

A Dulwich education:

  • offers academic challenges that inspire each pupil to realise their potential;
  • fosters a spirit of independent thought and curiosity that extends beyond the classroom;
  • provides sporting, cultural, entrepreneurial, charitable and adventurous engagement for all pupils to enjoy - and through which they learn to work co-operatively and to lead;
  • nurtures a supportive community that encourages social responsibility and that has service and sustainability at its heart;
  • ensures that all our pupils feel equally secure and valued.

Our Values

Through our values of Equity for all, Respect for all, and Service Engagement of all, we seek to encourage:

  • curiosity and creativity;
  • compassion and open-mindedness;
  • resilience and integrity;
  • a collaborative outlook and an appreciation of how we all benefit from living and growing in a diverse and inclusive society.

What is Dulwich College’s social mission?

We retain a commitment to our foundational mission: to facilitate social mobility through education. Social diversity is our great strength. We have a responsibility to play an active role in our community – and have much to learn from our partners. We educate our pupils in social responsibility and promote a culture of philanthropy.

‘There is a distinctiveness to a Dulwich education based on the balance of academic rigour with a commitment to finding time and resource for holistic learning.’ Dr Joe Spence, The Master

Our Aims

Two students conducting experiment in a Science laboratory

We aim to offer an education which inculcates a lifelong aptitude for learning
We look to balance traditional and innovative approaches to learning.

We aim to be an outstanding school of access
We are at our strongest when we are socially diverse and working in partnership with others.

We aim to ensure that our pupils develop talents that enable them to make a positive difference
We hope to inculcate in all our pupils a sense of service.

We aim to be a sustainable school
Our duty is the stewardship of the school for current and future generations of pupils and alumni, balancing environmental care, social well-being and growth.

Our Strategy

The Dulwich College community is outward facing and embraces change; our resilient and talented teaching and operational staff take measured risks that support and encourage creative thinking - in and beyond the classroom and on and beyond our campus. Excellent teaching and learning lies at the heart of all we do, as does a realization of our social responsibility as good citizens - locally, nationally and globally.

Pedagogy and Pastoral care

Exceptional academic attainment and the best possible preparation of our pupils for life after school are the fundamental objectives of a Dulwich education which comprises an inspiring curriculum, a rich Free Learning programme, excellent pastoral care and a rich co- and supra-curricular experience.

People and Partnerships

We look to recruit and retain skilled and conscientious, diverse and talented teachers and operational colleagues. Working alongside our peers in partnership schools we benefit from the sharing of experiences and best practice and make a positive difference locally and globally.

Overseeing our practice

Our professional processes in Operations, Admissions, Finance, HR, Development and Communications, scrutinized by committed governors, ensure we can deliver our ambitions in relation to good teaching and learning, charitable endeavour and social responsibility, sustainability, technological innovation and enterprise.

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