Being Creative Keeps You Well

Winter LandEscape 'Light in the Dark'

Light in the dark is a recurring theme this term and particularly at this time of year when we have shorter daylight hours. With the low winter sun, we also have the most beautiful ‘winter light’, some incredible sunrises (roughly 8am) and spectacular ‘light shows’ across the city. Light can also symbolise hope. Hope is always there whether sitting in the shadows or as a guiding torch.

You might want to start with photos from your daily exercise or views of lights at night from your local area. OR you can work completely from memory and imagination.

Materials required:

  • Wax candle, crayons or oil pastels, paint or ink

Technique (please watch the short vimeo below):

  • Sketch out your image with wax crayons or a candle
  • When you are happy with this line work you can start to wash paint over the top and watch the image shine through

Maybe (if close enough to where you live) part of your exercise one day this month could include a walk or cycle to see the amazing Chilia Burman winter exhibition at Tate Britain, Millbank

A guide to creative wellbeing

Being creative keeps you well guide front cover

Being creative keeps you well - A guide to creative wellbeing includes 10 workshops which help with focus, problem solving, being mindful and keeping well. Creative activities can help us reflect, heal, process, cope, recover and relax. The activities are flexible and can be adapted by teenagers and adults. They can also (under supervision) be suitable for younger children. 

Wellbeing Matters - Weekly Activities

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