Light in the Dark

A theme of this 2021 Lent term is Light in the Dark, which we are exploring across the curriculum and specifically as part of our preparation for Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January 2021.

Light in the dark - Winter LandEscape

January is a dark winter month, but also one where we begin to see the light, our new year ahead and our daylight hours very slowly becoming longer. The NHS blue light at the top of the Shard shines out across London reminding us of why we are in lockdown and the extraordinary work our hospitals are undertaking; it is also a beacon of hope. 

...Stories move in from the shadows to the limelight. And though the stage presents the drama of our powerlessness, the shadows offer the secret of our power. It is often in darkness where hope lies...​ 

Rebecca Solnit 'Hope in the Dark'​ 

At Monday 18 January’s assembly Dr Joe Spence, the Master, introduced our partnership with Echo Eternal and their work undertaken during 2020’s Michaelmas term specifically with our Year 7 pupils; their dance and performance in response to testimonies of those who survived the Holocaust are shared on our Holocaust Memorial Day page.

For a Light in the Dark art project, watch how our Director of Art, Sue Mulholland, creates a Winter LandEscape. To do this yourself, all you’ll need is a large sheet of paper, a wax candle, crayons or oil pastels and paint or ink.

Pupil Poetry in response to Light in the Dark

Virtual Gallery 

Year 12 pupils and Junior School pupils in Years 3 and 4 are delighted to share their gallery of Light in the Dark responses.

During lockdown one of our Year 13 pupil built his own darkroom in the attic of his house; he tells his story on our news pages

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