College Contemplations

It is with great delight that we are able to share our College Chapel Contemplations every Sunday evening during term at 6pm.

Whilst restrictions have paused our congregational gatherings, it is our hope that these 10 minute contemplations from Christ's Chapel, based around spoken word reflections and the beauty of solo singing, from a number of our choristers, will afford you opportunity for inspiration and encouragement.

It is fitting that the Master, Dr Joe Spence, offered our first contemplation on 7 February 2021, based around the poetic version of Pastor Martin Niemöller’s post-war confessional prose ‘First they came…’. Nicholas Richardson-Waldin, the Head of Chapel Choir, sings Thus when the sun from watery bed from Handel’s Samson

Sunday 28 February's contemplation is a timely message delivered by Dr Cameron Pyke who reminds us of the value of 'looking out' and having eyes beyond ourselves. Our music is courtesy of Year 11 pupils James Storey and Alex Hemple.

Sunday 26 February 6pm

Sunday 7 February 6pm

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