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The School Song

Pueri Alleynienses, quotquot annos quotquot menses
Fertur principum memoria,
Vivit Fundatoris nomen, unicae virtutis omen
Detur soli Deo Gloria.

by J E C Welldon, Master of Dulwich College 1883-1885

English translation

Boys of Alleyn, may our forefathers' memory
Endure through as many years and as many months as there may be,
The Founder's name lives on, a promise of unparalleled virtue to come,
Glory be given to God alone.

by John Scholar (OA) and Jonathan Fowles (OA) 1998

In Mandarin


Women shi Ailun de haizi, yongyuan, yongyuan, yongyuan zai women de xinzhong, yongyuan zai women de xinzhong.

Nide mingzi zhaoyao women, nide zhihui yinling women. Yiqie rongyao xiangei shangdi, yiqie rongyao xiangei shangdi.

English translation

We are the children of Alleyn, ancestor, Alleyn, endure in our heart forever.
Your name shines upon us, your wisdom leads us. All glory be given to God alone.

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